Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Irma's wedding shower!

This past weekend, our cousin and fellow cupcake master, Irma, had her wedding shower! Emilie and I decided to contribute to the celebration by baking some very yummy and very pink cupcakes. We tried using the famous Candace Nelson's recipe for a batch of strawberry cupcakes, but they did not come out well at all. I don't know if we just didn't cook them long enough, but the cupcakes came out doughy, plain, and greasy.
Our plan for Irma's shower was to bake a pretty batch of strawberry cupcakes with a light pink whipped cream frosting, but because of the strawberry failure, we resorted to another option at the last minute. Emilie and I used a cake-mix altered recipe to create a luscious and refreshing mint chocolate cupcake. We topped it with the whipped cream frosting, and overall the cupcakes were light and a refreshing dessert.