Saturday, March 5, 2011

Emilie's Super Sweet Sixteen!!!

Nina and I knew we had to make a special cake for Emilie's 16th birthday so we got creative.

While Emilie thought we were ditching her, we were secretly plotting the best cake ever and I think we succeeded.

I present to you the Nutella Swirl Cake. It consists of Nutella marble cake with both vanilla and Nutella buttercream frostings!

To make, we used a box yellow cake and reserved about a cup of batter and mixed it with Nutella (enough to make it look like chocolate batter). We then poured it over the yellow batter in two round pans and swirled it through as with any other marble cake.

The Nutella buttercream recipe came from:

We also used a basic vanilla buttercream recipe using only butter, milk, vanilla and powdered sugar. Any other vanilla frosting could substitute.

After baking and cooling of the two cakes, we put the Nutella buttercream in the center and decorated the top using a star tip to make swirls. The result was the most delicious and sweet Nutella cake ever that also looked like a flower cake!

It was very sweet and delicious and Emilie was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully she forgave us. :)

Coming soon, Nutella cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Emilie!!!!!