Meet the Manifesto

Meet Irma, Emilie, and Christina, the three bakers who created The Cupcake Manifesto. Emilie and Christina are sisters, and Irma is the girl marrying their cousin, Gilles (so in October, Irma will be their cousin-in-law). Nina is a great artist, Emilie is a black belt, and Irma is a skilled Lady Gaga costume re-creator, so by combining their talents they are able to make super mega totally awesome cupcakes. The girls' first baking party was in early 2009, and from that point on they began baking delicious cupcakes for family parties (our family is huge, so those come often) and some other events, too.

We decided to make a blog to share our love of cupcakes and to display the different cupcakes we bake. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did making them!!

                                                       From left to right: Irma, Emilie, and Christina