Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ocean Cupcakes!

This past weekend we did two new things we've never done before with our cupcakes: 1, we made fondant decorations, and 2, we put them in this cool stand Emilie and Chrintina's mom picked up at Marshall's (what CAN'T you buy there??). Our cousin Cara is having a baby boy, and since her husband loves fishing, we decided to made sea-themed cupcakes for her shower. We have a big family and attend many baby showers, so we utilize it as an opportunity to try out new ideas. The cupcakes were a moist chocolate espresso cake with a light blue vanilla buttercream. We also lightly sprayed some of the cupcakes with Wilton's food color spray, which was a similar but slightly darker color than the frosting, to create a cool effect. We ran out of powdered sugar while making it, so it didn't shape as well as we wanted it to, but it still tasted great. The fondant was Duff Goldman (the Ace of Cakes guy)'s buttercream fondant; we bought it at Michael's. It was really easy to shape and color, and we didn't even need to buy special food coloring for the fondant, as we just used the gel food coloring you get at the supermarket. It took a while to shape the fondant and make all the different sea creatures, but in the end everything looked and tasted great!

P.S. we figured out how to embed slide shows, so we can add more pictures without making the post HUGE. Hooray!

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